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E-YOU : It is up to you!

Euro Education Federation in project: E-YOU IT IS UP TO YOU – CZECH REPUBLIC 13-19 FEBRUARY 2022 MORAVEC.

The experience of this project was really eye-opening from any point of view. We learned about European Union, EU institutions, how to apply for a job at Brussels, Erasmus+ and the list can go on and on ! The interesting part is everything that we learned, we learned it in a fun way through games, workshops and challenging talks.

The project took place in Moravec in Czech Republic, a very small village with only 600 people which was amazing because we were in a place where we could really bond with each other and learn about our intercultural differences but most importantly about our similarities.

The project was very well structured with a well-defined timeline. We had “The cultural night” which was great because all of the participant countries got the chance to share a little about their culture. There was a lot of traditional food, drinks, dance, fun facts.

In one of the days of our staying we also explored Brno, a city close to the village. The organizational team made sure to split us in groups that included at least one local person to made sure we would get the full-experience and they also prepared for us a fun game to find all the “must see as a tourist” attractions.

We really loved that everything that we had in our heads could be easily shared because after every day activities we had the “reflect session” where we would group up in our nationals teams and bring up our suggestions, ideas or problems to our team leader, who would later talk with the organizational team.

During our free time at night really gotten to know each other and formed really amazing friendships. It was the perfect combination between constantly learning and constantly having fun and it will be an experience we will forever carry in our hearts.

Thank you Erasmus+

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