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On the way to tolerance – KAUNAS, LITHUANIA, July 8-17, 2023


“On the way to tolerance” was a 9 days (+1 travel day) Youth Exchange project which was held in Kaunas, Lithuania and gathered participants from 4 countries – Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Romania to change attitudes and behaviour of 36 young people towards discrimination, foster tolerance and as the same time to increase social inclusion of 12 participants with fewer opportunities.
Summary: Discrimination is a very common topic nowadays. There is constant talk of intolerance: in schools, universities, Erasmus+ projects and other preventive activities. However, the events, statistics, personal stories in many European Union countries have revealed that the issue of discrimination remains relevant. This project is for youth who want to fight their own rights or help other’s to do that. In this project young people will get better understanding about discrimination, tolerance, awareness of their rights, as well as rights of others. Also, this project will help young people to become active proponents of tolerance, understand that every one of us is equal despite our differences, discover ways how to prevent discrimination and increase tolerance in their communities as well as in EU.
Project ‘s topic: tolerance, discrimination, foster tolerance

For some of us, this project was the first in which we participated, this experience was one we will not forget because we traveled to another country without parents and learned to manage without them and to get out of the comfort zone.

Through this project we learned how to be more tolerant with the people around us and not to be racist and we believe that this will help us throughout our lives.

How was the project for us

Stefan: For me this project showed me that we have to be more tolerant with those around us. The project helped me get out of my comfort zone and I managed to visit some beautiful cities thanks to the project.

Mario: It was an interesting and interactive project in which I learned many things about discrimination, tolerance and equality. I made new friends and improved my English by communicating with several people of different nationalities

Teo: This experience was an unforgettable one because it was also the first flight for most of us. Various forms of intolerance were presented to us and how we should prevent them. This project really helped us to look at the people around us differently and to learn to stop judging them. We have learned that every person has the right to be however they want to and that some things about us cannot be changed because that is just the way we are. In other words, the whole project was very beneficial for us.

Mihai G:For me, this project was a thrilling journey from which I learned many new things. I want to thank everyone who was in this Erasmus, for the exchange of experiences and the beautiful moments spent together that I will always remember. It was the first Erasmus project I participated in and I can say that it definitely made me want to participate in others in the future. It was 10 days full of fun, interesting things, curiosities, but most importantly, memories.

Roxi:My Erasmus experience was a transformative journey that enriched my life in numerous ways. This collaborative learning experience encouraged the exchange of ideas and knowledge about tolerance and discrimination, their types and their effects, which enriched my academic journey. Living in a foreign country allowed me to fully embrace a different culture. I found myself surrounded by new traditions, languages, and customs. Engaging with people from various backgrounds, often in a language different from my native tongue, improved my ability to communicate effectively.

Marina:Participating in the Erasmus project was an incredible and memorable experience for me. My first flight to reach the destination was filled with emotions. Throughout the project, I had the opportunity to learn and discuss tolerance and intolerance in an open and receptive manner.This experience provided me with a new perspective on cultural diversity and mutual understanding. By interacting with participants from different countries, I learned to appreciate our differences and understand the importance of mutual respect. The Erasmus project not only taught me to be more tolerant but also motivated me to promote this value in my home community. I am grateful for this experience, and I am confident that these lessons will continue to inspire me and guide my actions in the future.

Antonia:What does an Erasmus experience mean? For me personally it meant the discovery of somenew perspectives, skills, possibilities, opportunities, mentalities and cultures. I can say that it was a unique experience and from which I had a lot to learn. I spoke in front of the public, in front of the students using my knowledge of English. I spoke to both children and adults, and the most important thing I learned was that grammar rules are less important than the message you want to convey. We talked fondly about my country and the city, but also the high school I come from. I noticed that young people are fascinated by the unknown. For them, I was that unknown, so far and so different from what they knew. I still keep in touch with a few of them and we talk openly.And most importantly we learned how to accept each other.

Mihai S:During my Erasmus experience, I embraced new cultures, formed lifelong friendships, and expanded my academic horizons. Immersed in an international community, I connected with people from around the world and gained a global perspective. Traveling and exploring different cities enriched my experiences and deepened my appreciation for diversity. Erasmus not only provided an excellent education but also transformed me personally, leaving a lasting impact on my life.

Alex: Kaunas, Lithuania, offered a fantastic blend of culture and nightlife during my Erasmus stay. Exploring the city’s historic charm by day and immersing myself in its vibrant nightlife scene by night created an unforgettable and well-rounded experience.

Giulia:The experience in Lithuania was epic for me, I met new people, I gained knowledge both about the theme of the project, tolerance and discrimination, as well as about the English language. I definitely want to repeat the experience!


When the school have started we have made a workshop with some of the students in our highschool where we have told them how was this experience for us and the topic of the project and how they can become more tolerant. We have encourage them to participate in projects like this because it offers the opportunities on developing their skills and knowledge for chosing the right path in their life.

In addition to the workshop we had at school, each of us told in our groups of friends about this experience and how the world should become more tolerant with those around us.

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