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Erasmus+ Beyond Borders, Slovacia – An unforgettable first experience

Gheorghe Alexandru-Andrei-cls. XII UB

As a Romanian student looking for new opportunities and personal growth, my first experience in an Erasmus+ training course in Slovakia exceeded all expectations. From the engaging activities to the cross-cultural exchange and lasting friendships formed, this experience left a big mark on my personal development. I had the opportunity to interact with participants from various countries, which made me gain a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity, but especially for my own culture. Involvement in debate-type discussions during the activities and the exchange of experiences between colleagues enriched my understanding of different perspectives. A memorable activity was the cultural exchange evening, where participants from different countries shared their traditions, music and traditional products. This event not only celebrated diversity but facilitated cross-cultural understanding and friendship among participants. Trainers used fun, innovative methods, interactive presentations and hands-on exercises to ensure active participation and engagement of all participants. They encouraged critical thinking, creativity and open dialogue, fostering an environment that fostered the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Although this was my first experience within an Erasmus+ project, I am convinced that I had the best trainers you could wish for. One of the most valuable aspects of this Erasmus+ training course was the friendship formed with participants from different countries. We’ve shared countless memorable moments, from daytime activities to late night activities on your own to exploring local attractions. The bonds we formed transcended borders and cultures, creating a pillar of support and inspiration that will last beyond the training course itself. Participating in the Erasmus+ training course in Slovakia was an amazing and transformative experience that exceeded my expectations. Through engaging activities, cultural immersion and lasting friendships I have grown personally and broadened my horizons. The opportunity to meet new cultures, exchange ideas with diverse participants and improve my skills has had a profound impact on my worldview and I am already looking forward to a new opportunity to participate in a new project in the near future.

Musuruaea Vlad – cls. XIIUB

The Erasmus program is an incredible opportunity to discover new cultures, develop your skills and create unforgettable memories. As part of my Erasmus experience in Slovakia, I had the privilege to explore the city of Stará Bystrica and experience a unique adventure in the city of Zilina. In this article, I will tell about the development activities and unique experiences that marked my journey. In addition to team development activities, we had the opportunity to explore the beauty of Stará Bystrica. We discovered historic buildings and explored the city’s natural surroundings. These experiences contributed to the understanding of Slovak culture and the development of a broader perspective on the world. In an adventure in the city of Zilina, we explored the possibilities of improving employment options in rural areas through technology. We ventured through the streets of Zilina (it was the day the young people graduated from high school) and interacted with them to find out if the technology was necessary or if they had heard about it, during this time we went through various missions, involving different people and the exchange of objects using only five staples. During the Erasmus+ project, I had the wonderful opportunity to discover and interact with a variety of people and understand different people’s perceptions. I met participants from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy and many other countries, which gave me a unique experience. Communicating with participants from other countries, we had the opportunity to learn from each other and share unique experiences and knowledge. I discovered that there are many things that we can change between us. Participating in this project gave me the opportunity to discover and interact with different cultures and see a different view of life. This experience taught me to be more open, and to appreciate life.

Costache Liviu Florian – cls. XI AU

For me, the Erasmus+ experience was one of the most productive activities I have done in a very long time. From the cultural exchange practiced with the other participants to the activities carried out and to the locations chosen for the project. The only thing that could be worked on was the road (this depended more on us and the fact that we were a little uninformed) but we ended up doing approx. 20 hours. The participants and trainers were all very open to discussions and opinions. The activities carried out helped both socially but also developed the skills of using digital tools, entrepreneurial thinking and presenting ideas in a formal environment with a team of innovators. Most of the activities that stayed with me are related to the social interactions I had in Zilinia, from the paper clip challenge to taking interviews from the young people there for the project that was to be presented to the other participants We learned to work in a team, to accept our differences and to be firm on our decisions but to have fun when we have to, the atmosphere was relaxing and the people were wonderful.

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