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Germany, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Poland,
Lithuania, Türkiye, Latvia

took place in Bremen, Germany between 03. October 2018 – 11. October 2018
The main aim of the Exclusion of Discrimination training course was to empower and equip youth workers with the competences needed to fight discrimination and promote values and practices supporting the fight against it.

Within this, we sought:
* To foster reflection on different types of discrimination, understanding the theoretical framework of it
* To develop the understanding of different aspects of discrimination, the factors linked to discrimination
* To exchange experience and good practice in youth work, related to migration and its influence on society in Europe
* To build new partnerships between participating organizations
This training course will bring youth workers and leaders from Spain (4), Croatia (5), Romania (4), Macedonia (4), Poland (5), Lithuania (5), Latvia (4), Turkey (5) and Germany together.

Working language of this training course was English.

They brought music, modern or traditional, that they wanted to play during the intercultural and other evenings. They brought different games used during informal moments.
– Some gastronomic specialities (food and/or drinks) shared with others during Inspirational evening.
– Comfortable clothes, as we might be doing active stuff!

Every person who took part in an Eramus+ Youth in Action project was entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate, which describes the non-formal and informal learning experience and outcomes acquired during the project. Working with Youthpass reinforces learning within the Erasmus+ Youth in Action projects and enhances the quality of the projects.

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