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Date: 26 April – 3 May
Location: Altınoluk, Edremit district, Balıkesir province,Turkey country

The purpose of the project was to introduce and to raise awareness on cultural heritage, resource value, art history, archeology and Antandros Ancient City with 28 young participants between the ages of 24-30 from the 7 different countries especially based on European cultural heritage. Interactive teaching and learning techniques will be applied in 6 day long activities taking place in Turkey.

1 instructor and 2 youth leaders who specialize in the field and instructors who will make artistic activities in creative arts are volunteers who are members of the association and work in the field of social responsibility.

On the first day of project activities; before lunch, there will be activities such as participants introduction, ice breaking games and group building activities. It is planned that the 17 years old excavation area will be visited as the next activity in the afternoon. Video and photo records will be taken during the visit. The concepts of cultural heritage and resource value will be discussed.

On the second day of the project activities; first preparing and tasting a menu of the traditional food from ancient history is planned. Afterwards construction of “Mosaic” in the scope of the Creative Art Workshop activities will be started after lunch.

On the third day of the project activities; in the morning, right after the warming up session Sarıkız Ethnographic Gallery where examples of regional cultural values are exhibited will be visited. As an afternoon activity, part of the 24 km Aeneas Trekking route at the ida mountaions will be visited.

On the fourth day of the project activities; excavation work on the Necropolis area will be observed on site and video and photo records will be taken. The concepts related to archeology and art history will be discussed. The actions on the historical monuments excavated from the excavation house, will be seen and recorded on video at the İda Art Terrases in Altınolouk as the next activity.

On the fifth day of the project activities; in the early activities, presentations will be on writing Erasmus + Youth Projects and EURODESK workshops will be introduced. Furthermore information about Youthpass will be given. As a next leisure activity, workshops will be held on participant youths to write their own youth projects on an area of interest, sample application forms will be reviewed and questions will be answered. In our project, ice breaker games and grouping activities were planned before every activity.

On the sixth day of the project activities; Erasmus + Youth projects which is prepared on the 5th day, will be present and share for the suggestions on correction and improvement in the association’s building.

The next activity will be completion of works in Creative Art Workshop, and project activities will be shared with members of the association and local press. The objectives we would like to achieve in the end of the project should be listed as:

  • To increase the awareness of the cultural heritage, resource value, art of history, archeology and informing participants about ancient city of Antandros
  • To increase information of foreign languages and practices especially in English.
  • To provide an international environment around participants and to ensure intercultural learning.
  • To help participants for realizing their own qualifications in the field of intergenerational transfer of cultural heritage
  • To inform participants about citizen of EU
  • To inform participants about Erasmus+
  • To encourage participants for writing a project in the field of interest.
  • To encourage participants being a project partners in the following years
  • To inform participants about writing an action plan. The impact of our project: If we summarize the impact of our project on the participants, then our young participants will have more knowledge about Cultural Heritage, resource value, art history, archeology and awareness of Antandros Ancient City and Erasmus + Projects. Our aim is to make the two field in-depth studies in their private lives after the training of our participants in the age range of 24-30. Participants, associate members and local people will have more information about Erasmus + Youth Projects.


We are looking forward to see you on 27 April – 02 May 2018 in Balıkesir, in Turkey. ( But before you come, there is still a lot to do! We have prepared this information guide to make this project a very successful and enjoyable experience for you and also for us. Here you can find all important information you need for your preparation. We also hope you appreciate work we had with this guide and we know you will read it at least once all till the end ????

Gallery photos here.

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