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The important role of our overseas afiliates for our Federation

The First “Euro Education” Gala Awards was successfully held Friday, March 24, 2017 at Gorj County Museum “Alexandru Ştefulescu” from Tg. Jiu , Gorj County.

Opening words were spoken by Mrs. professor Mihai Melania and Professor Ionel Cioabă who mentioned that we are the first international federation in Romania thanks to seven affiliates from abroad and gave thanks to the priceless contribution brought by them through the collaboration in European projects such as Erasmus +.

As a brief presentation Mr. Felix Godeanu talked about the Educational Paradigms Association, mother of the Euro Education Federation,  at the same time presenting extensively the two projects Erasmus + Ka2 they run in present together with colleague in charge of international projects, Nicolin Catalina. He also stressed the need for the federation also to be involved in projects of this type, for students and young people, requiring involvement as of Mrs. Nicolin Catalina and also of affiliates and partners in realization of such projects. I can tell that Italy, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria are already involved in projects.

Next, Mr. Ionescu Marius, president of Euro Education Federation talked about the two important projects of him, conducted since 2012 Euro Educatia and Euro Music Dance , the latter with its components Music and Dance.

It follows a word of Mr. Director of Gorj County Museum “Alexandru Ştefulescu” from Tg. Jiu, Gorj County, concerning his activity and his lengthy cooperation with the Professor Cioabă Ionel.

Last but not least underlined the importance of the event, Mr. journalist Andrei Popete Patrascu that hardened original look of the event because it is the first of its kind and especially by the fact that among its members belong also associations located abroad.

This was followed by an artistic moment, and in the end were awarded diplomas and trophies for the activity of members. The foreign organizations received diplomas in turn for their activity with the federation Euro Education.

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